LIPSI - Virtual Tour of Lipsi - one of the Dodecanese Islands of the Aegean Sea.

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Lipsi Map:

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LIPSI - Anthony Quinn's Virtual Tour of Lipsi - one of the Greek Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea.

LIPSI - Location.
The island of Lipsi is about a hour ferry ride from Patmos, boats leave Skala every morning around 10 am, and leave Lipsi harbour around 4pm. Lipsi is a small island of only aroud 16 sq. km., and a population of only about 600! You can find Lipsi and the Dodecanese islands on our Greek Islands Maps

Lipsi is proud of recently being awarded 'Green Island' status. The island does seem tidier than on our last visit, and even though we visited very late in the season (week 2 of October) the weather was just about perfect. Visiting this late in the year you can have your choice of beach mostly to yourself but may need to take along your own refreshments etc. as many of the tavernas have closed - this was the case at Platos Gialos. Although the 'Delaila' taverna was still open at another beach on the other side of the town.

Blue Domed Church

LIPSI - Geography
The highest point on the island stand approx. 300 metres above sea level. There are many beautiful small churches on the island - it is said there is almost one for each family!

Platis Gialos

LIPSI - Beaches
There are a variety of beaches, one of the most popular being Platis Gialos - a sheltered bay with crystal clear water.

LIPSI - Accommodation.
There are approximately 350 beds available in Lipsi - hotels, guesthouses and rooms to let, is not difficult to find accommodation in Lipsi, you will doubtless be greeted at the Port harbour by locals with rooms and accommodation available.

Lipsi Harbour and Port

LIPSI - Description
Lipsi is a small island south of Samos and to the north of Leros in Greece. Lipsi is well serviced with ferries passing between Patmos and Leros and on the main route for ferries from Piraeus [Athens]. There is varied accommodation on the islands of the Dodecanese including Lipsi and nearby Patmos.

Lipsi town is quaint though of little architectural interest - it was probably flattened by an earthquake some years back.

Most of the secluded and protected bays like Moschato Bay in the north on this island have been spoilt by fish farming. The water in these bays is often very cloudy with fish farm wastage. The less protected beaches are not polluted and easily reached by the road network.

There are still beautiful beaches for sunbathing, and you may find you have a whole beach to yourself!

Roads have recently been reconstructed using European Union funding.

LIPSI - Tour
Take a tour of the Island of Lipsi by choosing a starting point from our tour index, or select a location from the Map of Lipsi.

Photo: Lipsi Harbour.

Flying Dolphins, Ferries, Catamarans and private boats arrive here from the neighbouring island of Patmos, Greece.

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